We make EV fleet charging simple, reliable and scalable.

Whether your business is starting to electrify or expanding its electric fleet, choosing the best charging partner is critical to long-term success.

The InCharge Energy vertically integrated approach ensures optimal fleet productivity and cost-effective operations starting from the initial site assessment and continuing through the life of your electric fleet.

With reliable and interoperability-tested hardware, purpose-built software to simplify fleet charging, and dedicated service technicians to keep your vehicles on the road — we are the single point of contact for your entire fleet electrification journey.

Expert End-to-end Solutions

EV Charging

Interoperability-tested. Reliable and scalable.

Management Software

Intelligent and convenient. Maximize fleet uptime. Minimize costs, mitigate demand charges.

Service Team

Our dedicated team of technicians supplies rapid issue resolution, often remotely through InControl.

It’s great we’re partnered with such an outstanding company like InCharge. They’ve got all the technology…to support our needs and the needs of our customers… This is their world, and they can tell us where we’re going to be successful or where we have opportunity…

InCharge is a breath of fresh air.

– Rob Belleque, General Manager, QCD

Partnering for Impact


charger installations completed

20+ OEM

strategic partners for interoperability testing

3 of 5

top commercial fleets served

8 of 10

largest auto dealer groups supported


electric school buses charged

Driving Success


InControl Charge Management Software Uptime

Up to 45% savings

on charging-related energy costs

70M+ kg

C02 not emitted

Customer Stories

Empowering the operational and climate efforts of a large international carrier.

An InCharge Energy charging solution is a big step towards this major delivery provider’s achieving its goal of 50%+ e-delivery vehicle purchases by 2025.


A popular global delivery partner chose InCharge Energy for our reliable charging hardware, holistic charge management software, and EV fleet planning expertise. Lacking a reliable software system with the ability to empower their work across geographies and provide a single analytical view across their electric fleets in multiple locations, the customer was particularly excited to leverage the InControl™️ platform for a holistic overview of climate impact and energy consumption.
With InCharge Energy on their side, this essential worldwide delivery carrier is already capturing significant e-fleet success since the charging solution went live in January 2022.

  • 83% reduction in fuel expenditures as compared to diesel
  • 70,000kg greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions avoided

From route planning optimization to streamlined climate reporting, InCharge Energy’s platform provides the customer powerful tools to their stated goal of 50%+ electric delivery vehicle purchases by 2025 – and helping them easily quantify their successes along the way.

*Metrics shown for period from Jan 2022 to Jan 2024.

A custom-designed electrification solution built for large scale EV fleet operation.

InCharge Energy successfully accelerated the electrification of a large-scale international parcel distributor. The world famous shipping and distribution company selected InCharge Energy for an innovative charger installation design that fit seamlessly into their existing operations.

With electric vehicles providing a more comfortable driving experience, and a desire for optimal fleet uptime and worry-free EV charging, InCharge Energy and our turnkey offering emerged as the effective choice for this major delivery partner’s ambitious electrification goals.

*Metrics shown for period from Jan 2023 to Nov 2023.

Pioneering school bus electrification and transportation for community impact

InCharge Energy accelerated the largest e-school bus fleet deployment in California to date — saving the school district time and money with significant grant funding, reduced energy costs with our InControl™ charge management software, and operational efficiencies stemming from our electrification expertise.

A prominent Southern California school district chose InCharge Energy to provide a turnkey charging solution deployment for the largest electric school bus fleet across the state. The resultant end-to-end electrification plan was carefully designed in partnership with the district to achieve their future-state vision for the electric fleet, including expanding to meet their vision of future-proofing the site - including installing a total of 46 DC chargers and achieving sustainable operations over the lifecycle of the electric buses.

To supplement their budget, the school district leaned on InCharge Energy for support in securing $1.7M in grants.

Leveraging the InControl™️ fleet charge management platform’s load management capabilities, the district has enjoyed more than $300,000 in annual charging-related energy savings – and avoided project-delaying utility upgrades - by scheduling delayed and phased charging.

District stakeholders also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from confidence that each bus will be charged and ready every morning to transport staff and students efficiently and safely.

"This electric bus project is vital to our students' futures, and it would not have been possible without the help of InCharge Energy. We know children on school buses are exposed to five times more atmospheric pollutants, which puts them at risk of quite a few health conditions over time. We need initiatives like this to protect our children now and to ensure future generations thrive in a healthy environment.” - Jim Burleson, Director of Transportation for the Moreno Valley Unified School District.

In terms of community benefits, the new electric buses mitigate 600 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually —the equivalent of removing 285,700 cars from the streets – and the reduced emissions, plus quieter transport, are providing daily benefits to the drivers and their student riders.

*Metrics shown for period from Oct 2022 to Oct 2023

Leverage InCharge Expertise for Your Fleet Type

Vehicle manufacturers, dealer groups and dealerships have relied on vertically-integrated InCharge Energy since day one for charging infrastructure to support EV allocations and help accelerate vehicle sales.

Working directly with OEMs, InCharge’s “one stop shop” approach simplifies electrification and ongoing operational support for each dealership.

Our turnkey solutions at every step of the journey help simplify and accelerate the process for dealers – resulting in optimized charging solutions that are scalable, reliable, and right-sized for any allocation.

  • Streamline or scale fleet electrification with our expertise in site design, long-term electrification planning, and EV charging optimization
  • Leverage reliable, interoperability-tested chargers, often available for quick shipping, with expert installation
  • Reduce ongoing charging costs, mitigate demand charges, and manage charger access with InControl fleet charge management software
  • Rely on the InCharge team of dedicated service technicians
  • Customize warranty and maintenance selection

As a trusted electrification partner for OEMs and their dealer groups and dealerships, InCharge Energy prepare each location for ongoing vehicle readiness and end customer satisfaction.

InCharge Energy partners with school districts, governments, and nonprofits to develop and install reliable, scalable, and affordable EV charging infrastructure solutions built for long-term success. InCharge delivers end-to-end infrastructure solutions – plus ongoing post-installation support – purpose-built to save time, reduce fleet-related costs for lower total cost of ownership, and provide you with the tools for long-term success.

School Districts

InCharge expertise helps districts successfully electrify their school bus fleets.

  • Electrification planning built on a strategic site assessment to select the right interoperability-tested charging hardware for your school buses and ensure safety and reliability in transportation
  • Minimizing total cost of ownership with our assistance on applying for EPA or other funding, streamlx`ined procurement and savings through cooperative purchasing, and reduced upfront costs and operational effort with Charging as a Service financing
  • Simplify school bus fleet management and lower charging costs with the InControl CMS platform, and access sustainability reporting
  • Rely on our dedicated in-house service team for expert issue resolution and Warranty & Maintenance options for long-term peace of mind

Public Agencies

InCharge provides smooth, seamless fleet electrification for cities, counties, and other public and nonprofit agencies.

  • Expert guidance to develop long-term mixed fleet infrastructure planning
  • Minimize the cost of e-fleet charging and optimize operations for maximum vehicle uptime
  • Seamless navigation of regulatory and compliance topics as electrification efforts expand in the community

As a trusted electrification partner for fleets in the public sector, InCharge Energy accelerates the transition to sustainable transportation and supports positive community impact.

Realizing the benefits of fleet electrification with a vertically integrated partner like InCharge Energy is essential to commercial fleet success. InCharge Energy partners with businesses with class 3 through 8 truck fleets to optimize long-term electric fleet operations and total cost of ownership.

Implement EV charging and electrification solutions quickly and seamlessly with robust charging hardware, installation, InControl charge management software, and in-house service expertise.

Our turnkey solution accelerates the path to peak e-fleet efficiency — no matter where you are in your electrification journey.

  • Streamline fleet electrification with our expertise in site design, long-term electrification planning, and fleet charging optimization – based on your organizational priorities
  • Leverage reliable, interoperability-tested chargers, expert installation, and InControl fleet charge management software, for convenient charging and maximum fleet uptime
  • Work with InCharge experts for insights into available and coming incentives
  • Optimize fleet productivity with InCharge’s dedicated service technicians and warranty options

As a trusted electrification partner for commercial fleets, InCharge Energy propels your business forward, placing you at the forefront of eco-friendly logistic, and positions you to focus on what you do best: moving goods and services from point A to point B to serve your customers on time, every time.

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EV Chargers designed with you in mind.

  • Flexible design options
  • Interoperability tested with OEMs
  • Public payment options available

Charge Management Software

  • Maximize fleet productivity
  • Minimize energy costs
  • Mitigate demand charges

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