InCharge as a Service (CaaS)

InCharge as a Service (CaaS)

Choose the simplest path to fleet electrification for predictable monthly payments
and seamless ongoing operations – for peace of mind, every day.

Charging as a Service (CaaS) with InCharge Energy

InCharge as a Service (CaaS) gives fleet operators the charging solutions they need – without the stress or costs of directly owning and operating the infrastructure. With CaaS, InCharge ensures optimized daily operations of the fleet – so you can stay focused on business objectives.

This turnkey infrastructure solution provides multiple benefits, including guaranteed charger uptimes and service level agreements – supported by a robust inhouse team of service experts who put InCharge customers first, every time. This monthly turnkey service comes with guaranteed charger uptimes and an in-house service team for quick and efficient support. Customers can electrify their fleets with a lower, predictable all-in monthly fee – including site design, charging hardware, installation, operations and maintenance and InControl™, InCharge’s proprietary fleet charge and energy software management platform.

Why leading fleets choose Charging as a Service with InCharge Energy

One-Stop Shop
InCharge is the only vertically integrated CaaS provider and can perform each step of the service in-house so you can start running your business faster and expertly manage the entire infrastructure solution, ensuring optimal operations from the day installation is complete.

Lower Upfront Costs
Reduce upfront capital without the burden of owning the infrastructure – making the decision to electrify even simpler.

Ensure Maximum Vehicle Uptime by Shifting the Risk
Service uptime guarantees mean you can count on your vehicles being charged and ready when you need them – with remote diagnosis and more than 70% of issues remotely repaired for minimal disruption to your operations.

Flexibility and Scalability
We provide multiple options to pay and scale as your EV fleet grows.

Specific solutions are completely customizable to meet the unique needs of every fleet – if you can dream it, we can help you achieve it – from real estate acquisition to temporary solutions, solar, battery energy storage, microgrids and much more.

InControl™ Fleet Charge Management Software
Optimize fleet operations and maximize savings with InCharge’s proprietary EV fleet charge management software.

InCharge offers end-to-end fleet electrification solutions

Payment Options

CaaS customers can choose between monthly or quarterly payments.


Q : Who are some of the customers InCharge has served with Charging as a Service?
Our customers vary from trucking and distribution to autonomous rideshare. InCharge as a Service is customizable to each customer – to best serve various major fleets and school districts as well. Our rideshare customers selected InCharge as a Service early in their operations to take advantage of the lower predictable payments so they could allocate their capital elsewhere. These customers include Cruise, one of the leading autonomous rideshare services in the country.
Q : How does InCharge as a Service compare to other CaaS options on the market?
Our expertise at InCharge is unrivaled and allows us to quickly and efficiently develop, install, and support seamless operations for end-to-end charging infrastructure projects for fleets with 60 EVs or 600 or more. We are also the only vertically integrated company to offer Charging as a Service for fleets, meaning that we can manage every step of the process in-house. This ensures that the customer always has a single point of contact for their entire solution and any questions that arise - and our expert in-house Service team responds to issues rapidly and solves them correctly the first time.
Q : How long does it take to install the charging infrastructure?
The time needed to complete infrastructure installation depends on a variety of factors, including: the scale of the project, the location and utility provider, the vehicle type and whether a new site needs to be acquired. If power is available on site, installation can take a few months. If utility upgrades are needed, then it can take up to 12 months. Rest assured that all aspects of the solution that rely on the provider can be accelerated with InCharge thanks to our in-house expertise, our ability to facilitate coordination with utility providers, and our flexible financing.

For particularly lengthy projects or sites with unique challenges, InCharge offers a variety of options for temporary charging solutions.
Q : What’s the average monthly cost for a CaaS charging infrastructure solution?
The cost depends on multiple details. Please reach out to us at to learn more.
Q : How long is the duration of typical CaaS infrastructure solution contracts?
Most projects range from 5 to 10 years of infrastructure operations, with the possibility to extend or to scale based on customer needs or expansion plans. Projects that include renewable energy components can last up to 20 years or more.
Q : Does InCharge offer renewable energy integrations such as solar PV or battery storage?
Yes! InCharge has provided several CAAS customers with renewable energy components to their fleet charging solutions. The appropriate type of renewable or battery solution is dependent upon the resources available, site power capacity on site and the vehicle use case. In addition, we also provide support with best-in-class resiliency options.
Q : Can InCharge transfer existing vehicles and real estate to the CaaS Project?
Yes, we can. Our InControl CMS can integrate with existing systems and telematics to support the entire fleet operations. Contact us at to learn more.

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