End to End Fleet Charger Management Software

Exceed your fleet electrification goals with the first end-to-end charger management platform designed expressly for fleets.

Measure and scale what works

Having bird’s-eye view of your charging stations with In-Control provides you the insights required to track energy usage by time of day, season, electricity source, and by vehicle. Our software allows you to measure the ROI of your investments by viewing, managing, and analyzing chargers remotely over a secure network.

Nurture your chargers

Your charging equipment requires care and feeding to remain reliable. Preventive maintenance, health checks, and insights from usage data will be needed to keep your fleet competitive. Your charger management network should provide peace of mind by improving the uptime, throughput, and bottom line of your fleet charging solutions.

Prioritize your company’s security

As EVs join traditional fleets, EVSE and electrical loads become an integral part of your fleet operations and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). As connected devices, they must have the highest level of security from malware, hackers, electricity outages, and anything that might disrupt your fleet operations or harm corporate information.

End-to-End Charger Management

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