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Installation and Service Partner Network

With our in-house team and network of experienced partners, InCharge Energy provides tailored, end-to-end EV charging infrastructure solutions to fleets across North America. The Installation and Service Partner Network delivers localized and timely support, and customers can rest easy knowing every partner is qualified, vetted, and trained to the InCharge standard of excellence.

Reach out today to learn more about joining the Installation and Service Partner Network.

InCharge Verified Contractors
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Requirements to Join

Part of the onboarding process includes:

  • Execute the Installation and Service Provider Agreement
  • Confirm business information
  • Perform risk assessment
  • Verification of credentials, licenses, and certifications
  • Review OSHA complinace and safety manuals
  • Verify Insurance requirements are met
Qualification Process
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1. Enquire about joining the Network

Submit the form below. If your company looks like it has that secret sauce, we will reach out to schedule a vetting call.

2. Vetting Call
We want to get to know the people we consider bringing in our network.
3. Onboarding
If we see potential for a lasting partnership, we will invite you to begin the onboarding process. Upload documents, complete the required questionnaires and execute agreements through our vendor portal.
4. Verification
We review the information that you provide and confirm accuracy. Once approved, we will let you know.
5. Training

The final step in the process is to complete a few training courses to understand our processes.

Welcome to the network!