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InCharge Energy Expands Executive Leadership with Chief Financial Officer and Chief Commercial Officer

February 3, 2022

InCharge Energy, the fleet electrification services leader, has appointed two new executives to its leadership team. Guido Mussehl and Stephen Kelley will serve as the company’s first CFO and CCO, respectively. The two leaders bring a combined 60 years of experience at a time when InCharge is experiencing incredible growth.

Guido Mussehl, Chief Financial Officer

As the company’s first CFO, Mussehl will be applying his 29 years in finance at ABB to create corporate-level organization and structure at InCharge. He is responsible for ensuring the company is compliant with applicable rules and regulations and is eager to develop the finance team as the company grows. Based in Montreal, Mussehl will also help expand InCharge Energy’s Canadian operations.

“The knowledge, experience and collaboration of this team is incredible, especially in an industry that’s still quite young,” said Mussehl. “We have a very bright future and I’m excited to develop processes and structure that will allow InCharge to scale while remaining profitable. It’s a super interesting time right now where everything is evolving.”

As a seasoned executive and touring/telemark skier, Mussehl understands the benefits and challenges of an uphill climb to the top. While in a global and local technology environment at ABB, he worked in a variety of financial specialties, including: strategic planning, process and cost optimization, acquisitions, service, manufacturing and distribution, systems, audit and accounting, among many others.

Stephen Kelley, Chief Commercial Officer

Another InCharge first, new CCO Kelley will be molding the role, applying his 30 years of experience at emerging energy and electrification companies. His main objective is to generate revenue for the company. He is responsible for developing data-driven sales strategies, monitoring processes and achieving the goals of the company and its customers. He has already set ambitious nine-figure goals over the next few years to create a hyper-growth situation for InCharge.

“I love the DNA of this organization and am eager to help establish InCharge as the gold standard in the market for EV charging infrastructure,” said Kelley. “It’s an exciting time at InCharge and, for me, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring focus and new ideas to expand the renewable energy solutions to the team.”

A serial entrepreneur, Kelley has sold seven companies and divisions in 35 years. Prior to joining InCharge, he served as the Vice President of E-Mobility at Engie North America, which had purchased the last company he cofounded, Green Charge Networks. Kelley has prioritized the professional development of his team members throughout his career. Many of his past team members are now executives at influential companies like Tesla and ChargePoint.

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