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InCharge Energy Launches Exclusive Dealership Service

September 27, 2022

The New Service Arms Truck and Auto Dealers with Safe, Reliable and Future-Proofed EV Charging Infrastructure.

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. (September 27, 2022) –  InCharge Energy, the fleet electrification services leader, today released details on its industry leading truck and automotive dealership service, which has already prepared more than 500 North American dealers for the influx of electric vehicles (EVs). 

The latest in its suite of turnkey offerings, InCharge Energy’s new service is the most reliable service providing hassle-free EV charging solutions so dealers can focus on what they do best – operate dealerships. Having already partnered with hundreds of dealers for global brands like General Motors, Navistar and Nissan, InCharge is the only company with the deep knowledge and experience to develop effective EV charging infrastructures that will scale with the onslaught of EV models.

“Dealer services is one of the tentpoles of our commercial fleet business,” said Terry O’Day, COO of InCharge Energy. “Through the first dealership projects we executed, we have built a large, nationwide field team trained specifically to serve dealers quickly. That team now stands ready to also support our other fleet managers and manufacturers.”

This new Dealership Service allows franchise owners to create an EV charging foundation that’s properly permitted, networked, installed and potentially funded (in part) by government incentives. With this service, dealers can expect a charging infrastructure suited to their specific needs and built to meet the demands of the fully-electric lineup of the future.

Unlike other EV charging companies, InCharge is the fleet industry’s most reliable service provider with decades of experience working with truck and auto dealers. The brand’s Dealership Service gives dealers the peace of mind that comes with hiring seasoned experts. Each EV charging project is assigned to a professional InCharge project manager to help mitigate any risks, ensure the infrastructure is completed on-time and minimize the stress for busy dealers. InCharge also helps dealers future-proof their charging infrastructure for up to five years. 

InCharge Energy’s new Dealership Service includes the end-to-end support, including:

  • Planning, permitting and engineering of the charging infrastructure, whether the customer chooses an existing site or needs assistance with new site acquisition
  • Identifying and submitting for government funding and incentive opportunities
  • Commissioning of charging hardware and any other additional equipment as needed. As a vendor of the top EV charger brands, InCharge Energy is able to purchase hardware directly from the manufacturers. 
  • Installation and proper networking of the commissioned charging hardware and other equipment
  • Long-term service and maintenance of the chargers by InCharge Energy’s team of full-time field technician
  • Access to and unlimited configurations of the In-Control software platform for charger monitoring
  • Optional processing of government incentives and carbon credits, which can be applied to cover the monthly operating costs

With new EVs expected to make up 30% of the U.S. market alone by 2030, now is the time for dealers to start preparing for the electrified road ahead. 

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