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November 8, 2023

InCharge Energy Launches Integrated Solution On The Geotab Marketplace

Geotab’s industry-leading fleet vehicle telematics are now integrated with InCharge’s proprietary InControl charge management software (CMS) 

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. (November 7, 2023) – InCharge Energy, the leading fleet electrification services solution provider, today announced that its InControl CMS platform is now available for use with Geotab’s connected transportation solutions, and, as a result, electrified fleets can now enjoy a more seamless fleet management experience from an integrated, convenient solution.  

“We continue to improve our InControl CMS using direct feedback from our users, and integrating vehicle telematics has been a top request,” said Russell Schmidt, Vice President of Digital Services at InCharge Energy. “In response to this user feedback, we are proud to offer a solution with Geotab, a market leader in connected transportation solutions.” 

For InCharge Energy’s school district and commercial fleet customers, this solution allows fleet managers to view their electric vehicle (EV) data even when the vehicles are not plugged in. This streamlines operations for busy fleet managers and also maximizes vehicle uptime. Fleet operators can leverage a vehicle’s state of charge data before it even arrives at the depot, for example, to direct a driver to plug in at a certain charger upon arrival.  

With this integration, fleet customers can easily monitor their vehicles’ state of charge, location, speed and travel logs, in addition to their EV charging infrastructure. More convenient access to this comprehensive data from an integrated, convenient solution offers key value to fleets, including: 

  • Better route planning and optimization 
  • More efficient dispatching 
  • Optimized charging schedules, ensuring fleet vehicles are charged and ready when needed 
  • Lower operational costs using tools like load management 
  • Improved driver safety and emergency response 
  • Enhanced asset security 
  • Increased battery health and longevity 
  • Optimized range management 
  • Greater energy efficiency 
  • Increased customer satisfaction 

    With the industry-leading InControl CMS, fleet managers can digitally operate, monitor and maintain individual chargers, allowing them to optimize EV charging infrastructure for their electric vehicles. Understanding the nuanced differences from direct experience with North America’s largest fleets, InCharge Energy developed the platform to make EV fleet management reliable, cost-efficient and secure, preventing any potential disruptions to fleet operations. 

    An all-new version of InControl, with state-of-the-art features, will be available to customers this December.  

    For more information about the integrated InControl and Geotab solution, please visit and    

    About InCharge Energy

    InCharge Energy is on the frontlines of large-scale emissions reduction, accelerating the electrification of the transportation industry – one commercial fleet at a time. With end-to-end, turnkey solutions for commercial EV infrastructure projects, InCharge Energy equips fleet managers with the top brands in charging hardware and software; customized hardware and software products; short-, mid- and long-range plans for seamless fleet and facilities transition to EVs; financing; and maintenance and corrective repairs over the life of the charging assets.    

    InCharge develops innovative hardware, software and services designed and engineered specifically for fleets, such as service-dispatch-integrated software, fleet-management-integrated software, electricity load management, durable cable management products and high-reliability maintenance, repair and warranty services. Whether a fleet has 200 sedans or 20,000 Class 8 trucks, the team at InCharge serves a diverse clientele throughout North America, including major commercial fleets, truck and bus manufacturers, rideshare operators, EV manufacturers, school districts, municipalities and facilities owners, among many others.  

    Headquartered in the world’s first zero-emissions delivery zone in Santa Monica, Calif., InCharge Energy was founded by EV industry veterans Cameron Funk and Terry O’Day. The company has additional operations in San Francisco, Michigan and Virginia. 

    More information about InCharge Energy and its services can be found at You can also follow In-Charge on LinkedIn and the Threads app 

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