Volvo Trucks Charging Program

Volvo Trucks Charging Program

Plan your fleet charging with InCharge Energy.

InCharge Energy is the leading EV charging and energy solutions provider built by industry veterans, with a mission to help businesses seamlessly electrify their fleets and pursue a zero-emission future. Our end-to-end turnkey charging infrastructure services include your entire solution, with site analysis, installation and construction, charging hardware, charge management software, service support for ongoing operations, and even Charging as a Service (CaaS) financing – all customized to meet your business needs.

Extensive Experience
With 10,000+ of chargers installed across North America, our team of veterans give you access to best-in-class industry practices and service.

Smart Charging Tools to Reduce Operating Costs
Our portfolio of chargers and InControl™ charge management software offers load management, time of use and more benefits to maximize vehicle uptime while minimizing charging costs.

Leading EV Infrastructure Provider
InCharge has extensive experience partnering with dealerships and other fleet customers and is vertically integrated, with ABB owning a majority stake in the company – providing peace of mind that we’ll be here when you need us.

Solutions for Larger Dealer Groups Across Auto Manufacturers
InCharge offers a variety of charging hardware – in stock when you need it and extensively tested at our Engineering, Testing & Fulfillment Center in Virginia for certified interoperability between chargers and OEM vehicles.

InCharge offers end-to-end fleet electrification solutions

Hardware and Equipment

InCharge offers DC Fast charging solutions perfect for any fleet.

DC Wall-mounted Charger
ICE-30 kW

  • Custom configurations
  • Easy wall mount or pedestal solutions
  • Lower install cost than others
DC Wallbox

DC All-in-One Charger
ICE-60/120/180 kW

  • Upgrade to additional power modules without needing a new installation
  • Compact design for installation flexibility
  • Supports sequential and simultaneous charging
DC Wallbox

Power Cabinet + Dispenser

  • Charges up to 4 vehicles simultaneously (split power)
  • User friendly and easy to operate with a compact design
  • Ideal for most fleets where efficient charging is desirable
InCharge ICE-80A AC compact charger

Terra 24

  • Easy wall mount or pedestal solutions
  • Operates on low-power, high-voltage, making it ideal for fleets with defined or limited available power service
  • Supports a wide range of EV models
InCharge ICE-80A AC compact charger

Terra 54

  • Compatible with the widest range of EV models
  • Compact design for installation flexibility
  • Enables high uptime and continuous power delivery for seamless operations
InCharge ICE-80A AC compact charger

Terra 124/184

  • Simultaneous charging (split power) and a compact footprint
  • Upgrade to additional power module without needing a new installation
InCharge ICE-80A AC compact charger

InControl™ Charge Management Software

InCharge’s proprietary InControl™ charge management software makes it easier than ever to maximize electric truck readiness while minimizing charging costs. This secure and open API platform easily integrates with existing systems and telematics to offer valuable fleet management tools.

  • Manage charger access
  • Request charger repair and maintenance
  • Minimize charging costs with load management smart charging and time of use
  • Analyze energy usage to ensure vehicles are charged when you need them
  • Maximize fleet utilization
  • Real-time status and reporting for maximum vehicle uptime
  • Seamlessly integrate with vehicle telematics and other systems


Q : What are the benefits of choosing InCharge?
InCharge Energy is one of the preferred partner of Volvo Trucks EV electrification. We are the leading EV infrastructure provider with extensive experience spanning 10,000s of chargers across North America. Our team of veterans give you access to best-in-class industry practices and services. We also provide a flexible product line featuring our portfolio of chargers and InControl™ fleet management software which gives you custom solutions to fit your needs.
Q : Can we use our own electrician?
Yes, you can! Contact us today to see how we can walk you through it.
Q : What EV charging equipment do I need to for my dealership and how much does it cost?
InCharge Energy can help you pick the right EV charging equipment to ensure your dealership is ready to support its allocated Volvo electric vehicles and the needs of your customers.
Q : How long does it take to install the charging infrastructure?
Timing depends on a variety of factors, including: the scale of the project, the location and utility provider, the vehicle type and whether a new site needs to be acquired. It can take anywhere between 3-12 months depending on the scope of the project.

For particularly lengthy projects or sites with unique requirements, InCharge offers a variety of options for temporary charging solutions.
Q : What is Charging-as-a-Service?
InCharge-as-a-Service (CaaS) gives fleet operators the charging solutions they need – without the stress or costs of directly owning and operating the infrastructure.

This monthly turnkey service comes with guaranteed charger uptimes and an in-house service team for quick and efficient support. Customers can electrify their fleets with a lower, predictable all-in monthly fee – including site design, charging hardware, installation, operations and maintenance and InControl™, the InCharge proprietary fleet charge and energy software management tool.
Q : What is InCharge’s warranty, maintenance and service policy?
Chargers come with a 2-year parts-only warranty. Additional maintenance and service agreements can be included. Contact us for more information.

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