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World EV Day 2022: Celebrating the Change Towards an EV World

September 28, 2022
InCharge World EV Day

InCharge Energy joins everyone in celebrating World EV Day today! In fact, a world moved by EVs and transformed by their benefits is our daily vision. A “world e-mobility view” is the drive behind every InCharge decision.

As InCharge COO Terry O’Day shared recently in Forbes magazine, fleet charging EVs is about to get real. And InCharge is proud to lead the way for companies to make charging their fleets of EVs easy and reliable.

Echoes InCharge CEO Cameron Funk, “We’ll always be committed to offering turnkey solutions and advanced services to fleet managers and EV drivers.”

InCharge. Celebrating World EV Day today . . . and every day.

See ABB’s global research report:

The world leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, ABB E-mobility conducted a global survey amongst 2,500 parents (with children aged 8-16) and 2,500 children (aged 8-16) exploring their varying attitudes to sustainability and in particular e-mobility.

Respondents were sourced from ABB E-mobility’s 10 largest markets; Canada, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.

Key findings are being released today, on World EV Day, 9 September 2022. The research showed that even though they can’t yet drive, it is children who are really in the driving seat when it comes to increasing electric vehicle adoption, helping their parents to make better decisions which will reduce emissions and enable a more sustainable future.

According to the survey, 82.6% of children said that they intend to drive an electric or hybrid vehicle when they are old enough, with 4 in 5 children confirming they have the ability to influence their parent’s purchasing decisions over big ticket items like changing the family car to an EV.

Almost half of children have told their parents to be more environmentally friendly while 58.1% of parents said that they have been educated by their children on environmental issues. Over two thirds of parents also reported that they regularly talk with their kids about purchasing an EV.

The combined influence of climate concerns, economic considerations and pressure from their children is having a significant impact on parents, with 78.6% saying that if they were to buy a new car in the next 3 years it would either be fully electric or hybrid. Indeed, the fact that they are both better for the environment and more economical ranked as the two highest purchase drivers for current EV drivers at 66.1% and 61% respectively.

There were even indications that other big-ticket purchases, like moving house, will become increasingly influenced by e-mobility in the future with almost 80% of parents saying that having an installed EV charger would make them more likely to buy a property.

This suggests that as EV adoption continues to boom, with predictions that global EV numbers will hit 125 million by 2030, residential and destination charging solutions will become increasingly important in enabling a more sustainable transport future.

It seems the shift to e-mobility can’t come soon enough with 79.2% of parents and 73.6% of kids reporting that the current global environmental situation is bad and 31.9% of parents and 30.7% of kids classing the environmental situation as a complete disaster.

The pressure is now on other stakeholders to keep up with this groundswell of interest for e-mobility solutions. Almost half of parents (48%) said their company policy does not support a switch to EVs. It is therefore vital that older generations in positions of influence play catch up and take the bold decisions needed to support change now.

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