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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you need more information or are not finding answers to your questions, click the button below to contact a specialists.


Frequently Asked Questions

What EV charging equipment do I need for my dealership and how much does the equipment cost?

InCharge Energy can help you pick the right EV charging equipment to meet Acura’s requirements and the needs of your dealership and your customers. Here are Acura’s minimum requirements based on your dealer tier. Acura has negotiated a national discount for dealers. Here is the equipment pricing for the three tiers and the individual hardware. Click here for Pricing and Tier Bundles.

What are the benefits of choosing InCharge?

InCharge is the largest Dealer EV charging company in the industry. Our team has installed thousands of EV chargers at dealers and understand your unique challenges. The InCharge solution is an all in one solution from a single provider for hardware, software, installation service and support. With other providers you have to manage 3-4 different companies for your EV charging solution. Lastly InCharge is one of the few EV charging companies that is financially stable and will be here to support you in the future.

Can I use my own electrician?

Many times, a dealership prefers to work with their own electrical contractor. For these cases, InCharge allows the dealer to follow prescribed requirements for the placement of the charging equipment and self-contracted electrical infrastructure that meet the National Electrical Code. InCharge will verify that the infrastructure was installed correctly through a review of the permit package and installation photographs. Once this review is completed, InCharge will ship the dealer the charging equipment and send technicians to your facility to do the ‘final bolt down’. This includes all necessary final electrical connections, equipment commissioning, and testing.

How does InCharge determine if I have adequate power for the EV chargers?

InCharge will need 12 months of electric bills, pictures of the main electrical panel and service and the chargers that you want to install. Sometimes we will need to do a site visit if the equipment is older.

How long does it take to receive my quotation after my site assessment?

The average time to receive your quotation is two to four weeks. If a utility upgrade is required this will take longer.

Why is a full installation recommended?

A full installation means that the InCharge Team will handle every step of the installation process: engineering, permitting, construction, installation, and final commissioning. InCharge has experience installing EV charging equipment at thousands of dealerships across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico; therefore, providing a confident, turnkey solution for your dealership.

My dealership allows public access to the area where I’m installing charging equipment. Can I limit access to the EV charger?

Our software, In-Control, allows dealers to limit access by requiring a PIN or monetizing the station for credit card processing or RFID cards that reimburses the dealer for utilization.

What is the standard warranty on the EV charging equipment?

Acura NA includes a two-year warranty. Dealer is responsible for 3yr Extended Warranty, Preventative Maintenance and In-Control Charger Network.

How do I read my proposal?

InCharge can support review of the proposal via in person or remote.

What is the best way to figure out where to put the chargers?

The best way is to schedule a site assessment with one of our specialists. They can help explain the best options, how you and your customers will use the chargers, and how to reduce costs for the installation.

Are dealers required to offer public charging?

Yes, all dealers are required to install two Level 2 community chargers.

Will I need a credit card reader for public charging capability?

Credit Card readers are not required. Dealers can decide if they would like to charge the public for use of the charging stations. If you would like to charge the public, InCharge offers RFID and PIN capabilities for payment which are the recommended payment avenue. Credit card readers are available at an additional cost. With In-Control, you can control the operating hours of the charger and collect payment with RFID, PIN, or credit card reader. Many dealers, especially those selling premium brands, offer free charging to their customers, in which case you would not need a credit card reader.


If you have more questions, want to speak with a charging expert or are ready to get a site assessment, we’re here for you.