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InCharge Energy Reveals New Networking Platform that Streamlines EV Charging For Fleets

July 13, 2021

In-Charge Energy, the industry leader in turnkey commercial fleet EV infrastructure solutions, has revealed In-Control, an end-to-end EV charger management platform developed exclusively for fleets. With In-Control, fleet managers can digitally operate, monitor and maintain individual chargers, allowing them to optimize EV charging infrastructure for their electric vehicles. In-Charge clients including Nissan, Ryder, Navistar, IC Bus, International Trucks, General Motors, and Kaptyn currently utilize In-Control to oversee a combined 800+ EV chargers at multiple sites across the country.

“We developed In-Control to address a gap in EV charging software for commercial fleets,” said Terry O’Day, COO of In-Charge Energy. “We listened to our clients and partners and focused on their needs. Fleet managers’ clear priorities are security, reliability and cost, so In-Control is optimized for these priorities.”

Commercial fleets require different software features than a public charging network, and nearly all software solutions in EV charging were optimized for public charging. Understanding the nuanced differences from direct experience with North America’s largest fleets, In-Charge Energy developed a networking platform that makes EV fleet management secure, reliable and cost-efficient. As a web-based, mobile platform that does not require a special app or software download, In-Control allows fleet managers, technicians, drivers and support staff to work together to manage charging activity and adapt the screens, reports and functions for their unique fleet requirements. In-Control easily integrates with multiple charger manufacturers, including ABB, Juicebar and Siemens, enabling the fleet manager to utilize the right charger for every vehicle and location and to mix charging brands across their fleet, as some In-Charge clients already do.

“In-Control is built with a modern, scalable and secure enterprise-grade architecture unlike legacy software in the charging industry today. Whether you have 40 or 4,000 chargers, In-Control is built to scale for your needs.  It assures that fleet managers have all the information and controls without unnecessary features that can slow performance, limit scalability, reduce reliability or add costs,” said Krishna Vanka, Chief Product Officer at In-Charge Energy.

Designed by EV infrastructure and fleet technology experts, the In-Control platform is customizable and equipped with multiple services and capabilities to meet a customer’s specific needs. Capabilities are grouped by the four stages of EV charger deployment:

  • Install
    • Building managers can track the progress of commissioning chargers for their various sites, submit workorders for installation tasks and easily transfer data to asset management.
  • Operate
    • Fleet managers can keep track of charger uptime, operate each charger remotely in real time, export the data to service operations teams to manage uptime at the highest levels.
  • Monitor
    • In-Control creates insights and dashboards to report on energy consumption, utilization, users and environmental data.
    • These reports and insights can be customized for executives, regulatory agencies or other stakeholders.
  • Optimize
    • Fleet managers and operators can regularly conduct health checks and preventative maintenance and submit workorders via the platform to address any issues.

In-Control also meets the highest levels of enterprise security to protect company information and prevent any potential disruptions to fleet operations. The platform is competitively priced in three tiers: Basic, Smart and Advanced.

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